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בשנים האחרונות אנו עדים לכך שחברות רבות בעולם ובארץ, מאמצות ומשלבות את מערכת ההפעלה, FreeRTOS במוצרי האמבדד שלהן. FreeRTOS הפכה לאחת ממערכות זמן האמת הפופולאריות, אם לא השכיחה ביותר. אמינותה, ביצועיה, קלות שילובה במערכות האמבדד השונות, הפכו את FreeRTOS לסטנדרטית בתעשייה.

SafeRTOS הנה גרסא מרושיינת של FreeRTOS לסטנדרטים השונים בתחומי הרכב, המדיקל, התעופה והתעשייה, כך שחברות שמוצריהן מבוססים FreeRTOS, יכולות בקלות לעבור ולשדרג את קוד האמבדד לגרסת SafeRTOS שהנה pre-certified לתקנים: ISO26262, DO178B, FDA510(k), IEC-62304,       IEC-61508 ועוד…

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SAFERTOS® is a pre-certified safety Real Time Operating System (RTOS) for embedded processors. It delivers superior performance and pre-certified dependability, whilst utilizing minimal resources.

  • Developed by WHIS, a safety systems company
  • Supports a wide range of international development standards
  • Based on the FreeRTOS functional model, with simple migration
  • Available pre-certified to IEC 61508-3 SIL 3 by TÜV SÜD
  • Available pre-certified to ISO 26262 ASIL D by TÜV SÜD
  • Part of the WITTENSTEIN group, established in 1948

Start Your Development for Free

Design Assurance

SAFERTOS® is tailored to your specific processor/compiler combination, and delivered with full source code and our Design Assurance Pack (DAP) . The DAP gives you complete transparency over the full Design Life Cycle, and illustrates the exceptional high quality of our RTOS product. The DAP ensures:

  • No retesting on target hardware is required
  • Easy installation and integration into your development environment
  • Reduced development costs and improved time to market
  • Smooth path to certifying SAFERTOS within an application

A Safety Systems Company

As WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems are first and foremost a Safety Systems Company, we can offer that all important extra service:

  • Safety Critical design review services
  • Consultancy on the safety certification process
  • SAFERTOS® training including safety related requirements
  • Full BSP solutions

Easier Certification

Using our extensive Safety Critical design experience we have made certifying SAFERTOS® integrated within a product an easy and hassle-free process.

Contained within the DAP is the all-important Safety Manual. The Safety Manual explains exactly how to install and integrate SAFERTOS into your development environment. Following the concise instructions will also generate the evidence required by your auditors to confirm the process has been followed correctly. This removes the need to re-test SAFERTOS on your target hardware, and provides a solid dependable platform for your development.

Reducing Risks

In many safety critical applications the real time operating system (RTOS) is the most critical component. The RTOS not only schedules the functionality of the software, it also schedules the operation of Safety Monitors and Safety Functions. A failure in the RTOS will most likely compromise the Safety Case of the complete system.

SAFERTOS® has been designed specifically for the safety sector, and deterministic priority based scheduling is the primary Safety Requirement. Every effort has been made to ensure deterministic behaviour is maintained. To ensure this SAFERTOS has been independently certified many times on numerous platforms, to IEC61508-3 SIL3, the highest possible SIL level for a software only component.

Free Demos & Manuals

Download fully functional, time-limited SAFERTOS demos, plus manuals, datasheets, and more.


As the FreeRTOS kernel and SAFERTOS® share the same functional model upgrading is easy. Many of our customers prototype using the FreeRTOS kernel, and convert to SAFERTOS at the start of their formal development phase.

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For more information: Ohad Beit-On 054-2584032