Embedded Office – Pre-Cretified Micrium uC-OS RTOS for Safety Critical applications

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Embedded Office provides a Pre-Cretified RTOS version, based on Micrium uC-OS RTOS for Safety Critical applications

The Pre-Certified version is based on a specific version µC/OS with the Embedded Office’ special edition of uC-OS having MPU support for the necessary memory protection

Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)

A real-time operating system (RTOS) provides services, which helps to manage the continuously rising complexity of software development in embedded systems. In comparison to an operating system (OS) like Linux or Windows, the RTOS provides:
Deterministic and highspeed event handling
A scheduler which is able to meet timing deadlines
Usable from tiny microcontrollers to big processors
Note: When discussing the fundamental properties of a real-time operating system, it is not about super fast timings (of course, they are super fast) – more important is the guarantee and determinism of achieving the timing deadlines.
The following figure visualizes the term “deadline”, often used in relation with real-time systems:
The timing deadline for system reactions
The timing deadline for system reactions
You see a task (in blue) which is starting to work with potential operations (read inputs, generate reaction and write outputs) on a system event. The timing deadline is the maximum allowed time until the task produces a system reaction.

Your benefits, provided by the Flexible Safety RTOS


RTOS Safety Capability
The Flexible Safety RTOS is pre-certified for all standards, which allows a pre-certification. We achieve in all certifications the highest safety capability a pre-certified software can achieve.
  • Automotive: ISO 26262 – ASIL D
  • Industrial: IEC 61508 – SIL 3
  • Medical: IEC 62304 – Class C
  • Railway: EN 50128 – SIL 4
Compiler Independence
The certification is performed in a way, that no certified Compiler is required. We can perform certification of the Flexible Safety RTOS with all ANSI-C compiler.
Safety with Certificate
Independent assessors have been checked the development multiple times and confirm the safety capability of Flexible Safety RTOS with a certificate. All you need for your safety system development:
  • Certificate with a RTOS Version List
  • Safety Manual
  • User and Integration Manuals
Flexible Certification
The development and certification process is designed to achieve the highest possible flexibility for all end-users of the Flexible Safety RTOS:
Free device selection for a certified CPU core
Change compiler switches or use compiler updates
RTOS is independent of the hardware manufacturers


Safety Capability

When using a real-time operating system in a safety system, we need to ensure the correct function. The way and depth for proving of the functional behavior depend on the target market of the safety system. Each primary market has definitions and rules for the way to prove the correct behavior, written in standards:
  • Industrial: IEC 61508
  • Medical: IEC 62304
  • Automotive: ISO 26262
  • Railway: EN 50128
  • Aerospace: DO-178C
We call the activities, required to pass the independent safety assessment for a specific standard: the certification. When performing these activities out of the context of a real safety system, we call the resulting component: a pre-certified component.
For the required depth for proving the functional behavior, the standards define safety capability levels with different names. The levels are derived from the occurrence probability of potential risks and the severity when happening:
Safety Capability Overview
Safety Capability Overview
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