Real Time Operating Systems

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Embedded Real Time Operating Systems & Kernels

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Sightsys offers a wide variety of Real Time Operating Systems for any embedded application and for any CPU/Microcontroller.

Any way you want it ! 

You can have the Smallest or the Fastest,

The Widest or the most complex one.

Our experienced team will assist you to select the right RTOS for your needs.

Whatever critical parameters you are looking for, we have it:

Modular? Ultra Small footprint? High Speed? Low-Cost? Networking? File System? USB? Any other stack?

8/16/32/64 bits?

Segger – embOS: RTOS for CPUs/MCUs. embOS is a priority-controlled RTOS. It is designed to be the foundation for developing embedded applications and is continually developed since 1992. embOS is available for all popular cores, compilers and development tools. embOS is also Certified by TÜV SÜD, embOS complies with the functional safety standards: IEC 61508 SIL 3 and IEC 62304 Class C.

SYSGO – PikeOS: RTOS for Safety and Security systems. Multi-Core certification and highly robust RTOS for safety and security critical applications: Aerospace, Defense, Automotive and more…

SafeRTOS (Certified FreeRTOS): RTOS for Safety and Security systems

Embedded Office (Micrium uC/OS): Pre-Cretified Micrium uC-OS RTOS for Safety Critical applications

SYSGO – ELinOS Embedded LinuxIndustrial Grade Embedded Linux
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