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CANedge2: 2x CAN Bus Data Logger (SD + WiFi)

CANedge2: 2x CAN Bus Data Logger (SD + WiFi)

The plug & play 2xCAN/LIN logger records timestamped CAN data (Classical/CAN FD) to the extractable 8 GB industrial SD card.

The small device connects via WiFi access points (e.g. WLAN or 3G/4G routers) to securely push data to your server. Further, the device can be updated over-the-air.

The CANedge2 is ideal for telematics & fleet management – as well as R&D field tests, diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

Software/APIs are free & open source – with no subscription fees or vendor lock-in.

See also the new 3 min intro video.

CANedge – pro specs 2x CAN/LIN logger
CANedge data logger combines ease-of-use with cutting-edge specs and powerful configurability. The time stamped data can be processed in your favorite tools – or via
100% free open source software/APIs.
The CANedge1 is recommended for pure data logging use cases.
Further, The CANedge2 is ideal if you need to collect data via WiFi – e.g. auto-pushing data to your server from a fleet of assets.

CAN Bus Data Logger SD Card Vehicle Telematics


Your data, your way. Easily log CAN data from your vehicle / machine – and extract it via SD or WiFi. Process the interoperable data in your favorite tools – or via 100% free open source software/APIs.

Perfect for vehicle telematics, OEM development, diagnostics and more.


Open source software/API – naturally

MDF4 Log File Conversion DBC Export CSV MATLAB Pandas

The CANedge2 uses open formats (MDF4 data, JSON config, S3 server) – and all software/APIs are 100% free and open source.

Many 3rd party tools/SDKs exist e.g. for custom integration.

Configure: Simple editors let you easily configure your device.

Manage: The 100% optional CANcloud lets you manage your S3 server devices & data via your browser:

  • Host yourself – or simply log into your server here
  • Monitor device status across your entire fleet
  • Browse, download, share & delete uploaded log files
  • Easily update config/firmware over-the-air
  • Browser based (works on all OS & devices)
  • 100% free and open source – easy to customize


J1939 DBC File – PGN & SPN Data

J1939 DBC File - PGN & SPN Data [2020-03]

The SAE J1939 DBC file contains conversion rules for scaling raw J1939 data to human-readable form (km/h, %, degC, …).

DBC is the standard CAN database file format used in most CAN tools – incl. our CAN logger software/APIs.

This download includes a legal J1939 DBC file & license, based on the J1939 Digital Annex (priced at 250$). We offer this in collaboration with SAE.


Key features of CSS CAN data loggers

Plug and Play Simple To Use CAN Logger
                                Memory Tool


No setup needed – just connect to log (power via CAN connector & auto-detect bit rate)

High Speed CAN Bus OBD2 J1939 NMEA 2000 FMS
                                CAN Protocol


Record high speed CAN/CAN FD – incl. J1939, FMS, OBD2, CANopen, NMEA

Standalone CAN Bus Data Logger and CAN Bus
                                        Interface ECM


Log data to 8-32 GB SD – no pc required. 100% power safe. <1W consumption

Small Tiny Compact Enclosure Device Module


Devices are smaller than 8 x 5 x 3 cm and light-weight (< 100 G)


Real Time Clock Timestamp Date and WiFi 3G
                                                    4G Hotspot


Auto-push data to your server/cloud via HTTP(S). Over-the-air config/FW updates

Configure Silent Mode Last in First Out RTC
                                Filters Memorator


Configure filters, silent mode, encryption, cyclic logging, triggers, transmit lists & more

Free CAN Bus Software Analyze CANalyzer
                                        Alternative ECU


Interoperable formats. Open source tools for configuration, DBC conversion & more

Made in Denmark Quality Free Support


Danish engineering.
1-year warranty. CE/FCC/RoHS. Excellent free support

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