Axivion Suite – the complete solution for software erosion protection

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Axivion Extend product life cycle by identifying potential technical debt

The Axivion Suite gives you the full range of Axivion analysis tools in one box. The Axivion Suite includes static code analysis, architecture analysis and effective tools for the detection of code smells. Hereby, Axivion Suite helps you to identify technical debt or to avoid them from the outset in order to keep your software project maintainable and expandable in the future. For development in safety-oriented environments, the Tool Qualification Kit can also be added.

The Axivion Suite runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS, can be integrated into almost all CI environments, such as Jenkins or Bamboo, and supports various build tools, like make, cmake, msbuild, scons and gradle. The Axivion Suite can be combined with all standard version control systems, such as Subversion®, Git™, IBM® Rational® Team Concert®/ClearCase®, Perforce® etc. Axivion’s Professional Services team can guarantee integration into virtually any DevOps environment.

Architecture analysis

Architecture conformance is key to success in the long run

Only if architecture and design are in sync with your code you are sure you can use the architecture as a guideline for discussing the impact and gravity of new features and thus the evolution of your products.

That is what architecture is meant for. Read more

The architecture analysis of Axivion Suite is symbolized here with different factory buildings, which can be reached only by wrong, not allowed accesses.

More features of the Axivion Suite

This image shows other features as well as the cycle where Axivion Suite is used (e.g., continuous integration, version control, dashboard, web interface, UI).

The Axivion Suite also includes integration into IDEs like Eclipse or VisualStudio, as well as a delta analysis. The delta analysis makes it easy for developers to check the changes between two versions of the customer’s project. This mechanism is of great help for measuring the improvement in code quality between versions, and also for tool introduction and acceptance in development organisation.

Axivion Suite uncovers technical debt and stops software erosion in your projects.


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