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Embedded Studio is the all-in-one solution for managing, building, testing and deploying embedded applications. This means smooth, efficient development operations thanks to its wide range of features. The powerful project manager enables the management of projects large and small. Version control features enable automatic application deployment.

With a Visual Studio-like appearance, SEGGER’s Embedded Studio enhances both efficiency and user friendliness. Embedded engineers now enjoy the ease of use that many software developers know thanks to its intuitive yet customizable layout.


Key features

  • All-in-one solution
  • Visual Studio-like appearance
  • Free for non-commercial use
  • Free for commercial use with licensed partner devices
  • Multi-platform: Windows, Linux or Mac
  • GCC & SEGGER C/C++ toolchains included
  • Multi-threaded build minimizes build times

Complete package: efficient & flexible

Embedded Studio comes with two toolchains: SEGGER, and GCC, all ready-to-run. External toolchains like Clang/LLVM, IAR, or the ARM/KEIL compiler can also be used. All toolchains under one roof enable maximum flexibility.
The J-Link debug technology debugs and analyzes applications in no time. Thanks to the fast startup, short loading time, and simultaneous setup, developers spend less time waiting, leaving them more time to improve the efficiency.

Project management

Managing & organizing projects in one place with the project manager facilitates a project set up to fit the developers’ needs. With multi-project solutions, dynamic folders, and property inheritance, Embedded Studio offers the utmost in flexibility.

Developers can seamlessly switch to Embedded Studio from other IDEs. The project importer enables project setups based on those previously created.

More on project management…

Embedded Studio — Project creation|1:59 min

System insight

Communication between the debug I/O and the debug terminal can be done with the least intrusive real-time transfer (RTT) technology. Execution Trace and Execution Profile analyze trace data from the target to provide insight into the system’s behavior.

OS awareness

The debugger tracks the application’s OS to visualize what tasks are up to or how much stack each task uses. OS awareness can easily be added for any operating system.

Source editor

The first-class Source Code Editor supports syntax highlighting, automatic code indentation, and matching bracket highlighting. Additionally it includes code completion, configurable code, and comment templates.

Code analysis

Embedded Studio features different means of application analysis: memory use, static stack analysis, and static code analysis. This provides all necessary information to improve the application before a debugging session even starts.


The seamlessly integrated J-Link/J-Trace debug probes provide the foundation that boosts Embedded Studio’s powerful features. With the core simulator, applications can be tested before the hardware is available.

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