Ronetix PEEDI – JTAG/SWD in-circuit emulator and debugger

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Ronetix – PEEDI 

High Speed JTAG/BDM/SWD Emulator and Flash Programmer

All ARM7, ARM9, ARM11 and XScale based MCUs
ARM Cortex M0/M3/M4/A5/A8/A9/A15 (JTAG/SWD)
Power QUICC II Pro – MPC83xx
Power QUICC III – MPC85xx
Power QorIQ – P1010, P1020, P2040, P4080 – NEW!
Power Architecture MPC51xx, MPC52xx, MPC55xx, MPC56xx
PowerPC PPC405, PPC440, APM82xxx
ColdFire MCF52xx, MCF53xx, MCF54xx
Analog Devices Blackfin BF5xx, BF532, BF533, BF537
Multi Core support – up to 4 cores
Built in support for GNU gdb, Eclipse
Target Flash Memory Programming: NOR Flash, NAND Flash, OneNAND, AT45DB DataFlash, SPI Flash, MMC/SD, eMMC, I2C EEPROM, FPGA/CPLD
Internal Flash of popular microcontrollers
JFFS2, YAFFS2 File Systems support with various methods of software and hardware ECC
Standalone Flash Programmer
10/100 Mbits Ethernet Host Interface
Linux Kernel and Applications debugging
OS independent support for “info threads”


PEEDIPEEDI JTAG Emulator and Flash Programmer

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