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Embedded Debuggers & In-Circuit/JTAG Emulators




 דיבאגרים ואמולטורים למגוון רחב של מעבדים ומיקרובקרים




Our extensive Embedded Source/ disassembly Level debuggers covers virtually any CPU/MCU/DSP.

We support the most popular embedded devices such as:

  • ARM/Cortex
  • PowerPC
  • MSP430
  • AVR
  • PIC
  • X51
  • X86

And many others..

PEEDI JTAG Emulator and Flash Programmer



We provides any debugging function such as:

  • Complex code and data breakpoints
  • Versatile monitoring of data
  • C/C++ call stack window chain updates the editor, Locals, Register, Watch and Disassembly windows to
  • Data and code execution Trace
  • Interrupt and I/O simulation
  • C-like macro system scripting
  • Code Coverage and Profiling performance analysis tools
  • Code download & in-circuit flash programming

Our in-circuit emulators support various target interfaces such as JTAG, SWD, BDM & FET. 

All we do is helping people to develop, design, debug and test their ideas…
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