About us

Sightsys LTD – סאייטסיס בע”מ

Sightsys (a member of Telsys Group) is an Israeli company, specializes in development and testing tools for embedded systems over 20 years. We provide innovative solutions for electronic and embedded system design, development and test, acting as a value-added provider for development teams needing  high standard of technical understanding, as well as high-class customer support.

Sightsys Embedded  team offers diverse world-class solutions for embedded development such as compilers, IDEs, RTOSs, Debuggers, in-circuit emulators, add-on embedded stacks and professional services.

Sightsys Testing team provides electronic board & systems testing solutions, based on the most innovative Boundary-Scan tools in the world, Corelis ScanExpress tools set.

Our professional experienced team provides training, consulting, technical support and test procedure development engineering services.

Sightsys is committed to provide a creative, ethical, enjoyable and professional working environment and to conduct our business with civility and honesty, to the benefit of our employees, principals and customers.

סאייטסיס הנה ספק מורשה של משהב”ט – מס’ ספק 83140761

 Mr. Zvika Almog
General Manager
 972-3-9222771  #103       , 054-2101400





Mr. Ohad Beit-On

V.P. Sales, Embedded development tools – software & hardware

Tel 03-9222771 # 111         , 054-2584032


Mr. Oren Ervin 

Corelis and boundery scan testing specialist 

972-3-9222771  #106, 054-2581255






Ms. Rinat Markovitz

 Sales Administrator

Tel 972-3-9222771  #105






Yaron Lezerowitch

Technical support engineer

Tel 972-3-9222771 #113        054-2584033





Embedded IDE tools – C/C++ Compilers and DebuggersReal Time Operating SystemsDebuggers & JTAG EmulatorsEmbedded Software Testing solutionsMiddleware & SW componentsHW Testing solutions – Boundary-Scan (JTAG) & FunctionalOrganizing, Analyzing & Verification tools for HDL designs, FPGAs, Board schematic, PCB layout and Systems designersHome of CANopen, EtherCAT, PowerLink, ProfiNet– SW Protocols, Data loggers, Interfaces, devices & SolutionsIn-Circuit/Parallel Engineering & Production Device Programmers (Flash/EPROMs/CPLDs…)